5166 Spanson Dr SE | Uhrichsville, OH 44683


Staff here is awesome. Very polite and caring. They took very good care of my brother. Keep up the good work.


Thank you so much for the GREAT CARE you gave our mother over the past eight years! Thank you for the beautiful angel!

John, Mark and Harry

I get along good with the aids, they help me a lot. The food is good and they feed you a lot. The macaroni and cheese and barbeque chicken are my favorite. My favorite activity is bingo - I win about every time. When I was taking therapy it was making me stronger to help get me out of my wheelchair. I would highly recommend others to stay here if they need help.


Bingo is my favorite activity and I have a lot of fun. There is excellent food and the dining staff is very helpful. They are always on alert. Therapy has been going good and I feel like my arm is getting stronger. Nurses are excellent.


It's a very nice facility and the people are very nice. I feel I'm getting stronger by having therapy. I liked doing the valentines crafts and the footprints in the sand craft.


The facility is very clean. I like the place. Everyone is very friendly. If I have to come to a nursing facility again, this is where I'd want to go.


My mother really enjoyed the Bible Studies, Church/music activities and special events provided for her during her time as a resident of your facility. The events celebrated for Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas also stand out as special memories that our family was able to share with my mother during her final years.

Thank you for the loving care and attention provided to my mother and the support you gave to my family during her final journey with Alzheimer’s. We truly appreciate the doctors, nurses, aides and administrative staff who attended to her needs.

May God Bless You as you continue to care for other residents.


They have everything that is needed to help you recuperate from what is needed.
People working here help you recuperate smoothly and quickly so you can go home and not have to come back. Not half well but all the way well, in your mind also. The staff is very nice and dedicated."


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your sponsorship of my scholarship. I play to use the scholarship to further my education at Kent State Tuscarawas. I am extremely thankful and honored to have been awarded this opportunity. Thank you for supporting my future and helping me achieve my dreams.

Gratefully yours,


Oh how I can say a million and one little things...But the first is I'm so glad I agreed to come here. The staff is so great - they are kind, helpful, caring, and friends. They go that extra mile. They encourage you - all departments go out of their way. You don't hear grumbling, they really seem to like their jobs. The food is so good - I think I'll call for take out when I get home. If someone is looking for a permanent home for a loved one, this is it!!


I would like to thank Claymont Health for letting me come here to heal. I was in a lot of pain and Claymont was willing to admit me and help control the pain and make me feel better. I would also like to thank therapy for helping to get me strong enough to return home. As well as the nurses and aides for the great care they gave me.


My experience at Claymont Health & Rehabilitation has been very nice. Everyone is kind and nice. The home is beautiful and very clean. The food is very good. Everyone is kind and thoughtful. I am doing well. My problem was scary, but I was helped tremendously through it. I will offer my thoughts to others that are in need of care. Thank you again.


I was most impressed by the quality of the staff - very professional. I have been through this before where I live and your staff here is better by far. Great facility. Kudos to you all and thanks!


I have had a very positive experience here at Claymont Rehab. Everybody has been so kind and helpful here. The therapists have helped me so much. The nurses and aides are good to us. If you have a problem you just have to talk to Nikki or Dawn Ann and it's taken care of. I'd highly recommend your facility for friends and relatives. You have a very good team of workers. Thank you so much for helping me recover.


My experience at Claymont Health has been very delightful. Everyone has been very nice and the facility is very clean. If I had to stay in a nursing home again this is where I'd go.
Therapy had been good, I feel like I'm getting strong and that I am almost ready to go home.
Thank you to the staff at Claymont Health for taking good care of me.


Here at Claymont, we have the staff that works together as a team and the therapy department 2nd to none! I would recommend to anyone.


On behalf of myself and family, I would like to express our gratitude to your entire staff on the respectful fashion you have treated my 100-year-old mother. You have a truly first-class operation that has turned a very trying time for my family, into a much more acceptable transition period. Thank you! I will recommend you highly.


It has taken me a complete year to come to love most of the residents and a loving and caring home. It is such a beautiful and special grounds. I have lived in.. quite a few places but here... ranks the top. This is my permanent home at last. I found my peace of mind. Cast your cares, upon Him! For He careth for you.


My experience at Claymont Health and Rehabilitation has been delightful and kind. I have enjoyed the staff and all of the workers.
The establishment is beautiful and everyone has been nice and kind. I would recommend it to anyone that needs health care. Thank you again.


The staff was really friendly especially Dawn. The Nurses was good to me. Alexis (Also known as Pee Wee) the STNA Nurse was one of the best Aide I had. It was real nice here and the Therapist was really good and helped me get back walking again.


Therapy is going well I think. Food and care - excellent. I get my hair done tomorrow. I will be really happy. Hope to go home this week.

Merry Jo

I was treated with respect by the entire staff. Nurses and Aides are very nice and helpful answering questions. Therapy department is fantastic. Got me up and going back to almost normal before leaving. The administration is also great. Explains insurance details and other questions.
Thank you for getting me back on my feet and helping me on my road to recovery.


I would like to thanks all employees at Claymont Health Rehab Center that I was treated very good. If you want to get healed up, This is the place to be...Thank you


I am so happy with my stay here. The aides, nurses and all the staff were so nice to me. The therapy department was great. They really helped me get stronger. Now I feel like I will be safe when I go home.


Thank you all for being so kind and caring with my mother, Evelyn. The staff and employees consistently treated her with dignity and respect. Everyone tried to make her comfortable and meet her needs as they arose.
Because of all of you- she accomplished her goal of getting to return home! Thanks again and may God Bless your mission. You have proven your 5 Star Rating.


Everything was absolutely great. Every person we encountered here knew exactly what to do. We could not have asked for anything more. We are so grateful.

Mary P.

I would like to express my great appreciation to the therapy department of Claymont Health & Rehabilitation, especially Heather and Lisa. They helped me meet my goal of being able to return to my home. They knew exactly what to do to help me without going beyond my limits. They were great. Thank you. Also, I would like to thank the healthcare workers (aides and nurses) for all they did to help me during my stay. I want to thank the other members of the Claymont staff, dietary, housekeeping, maintenance and administration. You were all quite helpful in my recovery. All of these employees are why Claymont Health and Rehabilitation Center is a 5 Star Rated Facility.


Your care from the day I arrived for rehabilitation has been excellent. Therapy has been great to work with to get me home. All other staff from nurses and whoever else helped me during my stay were excellent in my care.


Everything was great. I am feeling 100 times better than when I came in. I would recommend this facility to others who need a place to go for therapy.

Ty B

Everyone here went beyond their duties to help me. When I first got here, my spirits were really down, the staff would go out of their way to make me laugh. I don't have any complaints about my care. There are a few special people I want to thank, the nurses Lora & Bobbi, STNA Kathy, Lisa from therapy, Brittany & Kim from housekeeping and Brenda in Social Services. These ladies got me through a rough time, and all their hard work paid off because I'm better!


When I first came here I was in bad shape. I wasn't even able to eat. Everyone kept encouraging me to eat and finally I was able to start getting better. Everyone was really good to me and I have no complaints. I was here about two months after back to back surgeries and I was able to recover great here. I would recommend anyone to come here.


The staff were very caring and went above what they had to do. Always checking on me, making sure I was okay and hadn't fallen. The therapists worked with me to get the strength back in my legs. Claymont Nursing and Rehabilitation is awesome!!!


The staff showed true professionalism and was instrumental in my mother's recovery. The therapy ladies were top notch. We couldn't thank everybody enough for taking care of our mother during her stay.

Jones Family

This is a wonderful facility. I highly recommend it to anyone. The people make what could be an uncomfortable time, very comfortable. I felt right at home the whole time I was here. I liked the food, and the activities made the days more cheerful and gave me something to look forward to. We had lots of choices of facilities to pick from, and I am so glad we picked this one. The people here are wonderful. You feel bad enough with all the aches and pains you have, the people make you forget all about that. Part of me will miss this place.


Our family member's care at this facility was outstanding. The kind, caring staff is unbelievable. The food was good, the room was always clean, and the facility offers a wonderful van and driver for appointments. The therapy staff super as our family member received rehab. We highly recommend this facility for anyone with an injury or illness.

The Roth Family

How can I begin to thank you and your staff for taking such wonderful care of my sister, Shirly A. My husband and I were there on Sunday. We were very impressed. Thanks again for all your kindness.

Roseanne, Glen and Harman